Simi Valley Approves Condom-Only Law

SIMI VALLEY, Calif. — Simi Valley has passed its own mandatory condom law, virtually slamming the door on porn production in the Los Angeles suburb.

Like the hot-button City Ordinance No. 181989, "Safer Sex in the Adult Industry Act," adopted by the city of Los Angeles in January, Simi Valley lawmakers last night passed the measure that requires porn producers to make sure male performers use condoms in order to obtain a filming permit.

The new restrictions take effect in 31 days.

Mayor Bob Huber called for the ordinance in early February saying he wanted to send a clear message that porn was not welcomed in "family-oriented" Simi Valley community of 125,000.

The porn scare may be much ado about nothing despite rumblings that adult productions might move to the city if L.A. strictly enforces the use of condoms.

In fact, XBIZ reported that L.A. city budget cuts could actually hamper policing the new rules that could take some heat off of a potential porn exodus.

And according to the Ventura County Star, Simi Valley’s Environmental Services director Peter Lyons said that out of 59 permits issued by the city in 2011, only one was issued for a porn shoot.

Although there’s been no official word yet as to how the law would be enforced, City Manager Mike Sedell noted earlier that city code enforcement officers, not police officers, could handle the job.

The city of Moorpark, another one of L.A.'s neighbors, is also considering adopting a new mandatory condom law in an effort to keep porn out of its neighborhood.

Moorpark city council member Mark Van Dam reportedly made a request of the staff at a Feb. 15 council meeting asking city staff to monitor the situation, and look for alternatives and possible state regulations relating to the issue.