Implements Smart System for Customer Support

LOS ANGELES — has launched a suite of customer support tools that uses a smart system to instantly reply to variously phrased questions and all repeated questions, as well as providing instant translation for multiple languages.

According to the company, the new system has the ability to instantly answer 80-93 percent of customer queries online. Customers can use natural language questions and smoothly receive immediate responses to questions they ask.

The system also offers access to the application on every page as a floating widget. The Floating Widget follows the customers as they browse through Sex Toy Club’s website, allowing them to ask their questions instantly on any page. The application also creates a list of most the popular questions and auto-updates an easily accessible FAQ.

Autumn O'Bryan, vice president of business development, said that she is thrilled with this major improvement to STC’s support infrastructure.

"With our substantial growth over the past few years, our staff was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of incoming emails, tickets and calls 24-7 that they were always playing catch-up,” she said. “With this customer support upgrade, our customers are getting the answers that they need, when they need them and our staff, 'has time on their hands to now cultivate our accounts and increase sales. I wish we would have done this years ago because we’ve already seen business increase from this!"

Live Chat is another option for Sex Toy Club members to get support. STC Chat allows the customer to chat with customer support representatives across multiple channels and screens, wherever customers can be found, including websites, social media and mobile devices.

According to the company, STC Chat deploys business rules to deliver the right chat invitation to the right customer at the right time, providing immediate support while customers are still on the site. Click-to-chat buttons are always on display so customers and prospects can request to chat whenever they need help. The Operators have the ability to push web pages and offers that open on the chatter’s desktop and provide hands-on assistance with text-highlighting and co-browsing capabilities.

STC is also maximizing the customer experience with the availability of a "call me" back service called STC Voice. STC Voice offers customers the opportunity to talk with the staff most suited to meet their needs through smartly placed click-to-call buttons or proactive voice invitations. Once a visitor enters his phone number and clicks on a voice button or invitation, his phone rings and he is automatically routed to the most appropriate department within the company for immediate, relevant assistance.

All STC Voice history, transcripts, account data and other relevant information is available to the operator while speaking with the customer. And because STC Voice is fully integrated with STC Chat and STC Email and Knowledge Base, the company says escalation between channels is seamless.

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