CommerceGate Streamlines U.S. Multi-Currency Payments

BARCELONA — CommerceGate announced today the introduction of additional multi-currency IPSP processing on its U.S. platform.

The company said the new feature enables merchants located in the U.S. and Canada to seamlessly process payments in multiple currencies.

Merchants will immediately see the benefits of providing their non-U.S.customers with an increased level of accessibility, familiarity and trust, CommerceGate said. The ability to add multi-currency IPSP processing will also improve conversion rates in markets outside of the U.S. and Canada.

“The Internet is a global phenomenon and it is important to recognize that there is huge potential for growth by customizing your online offering to suit different markets. A logical and proven way to do so is to bill your end users in their own currency,” said CEO Bjorn Skarlen.

CommerceGate maintained that multi-currency processing is a valuable, easy-to-implement solution for merchants looking to attract new, foreign customers and convert more browsers into buyers.

As a global payment processor, CommerceGate noted the addition was a logical step for it to build on its dedication to throughput, service, security and ease of use.

“We have extensive experience in providing multi-currency processing for our European merchants, as their home markets are smaller and they have a continued need for different payment options. However, we have seen that the U.S. market has become more saturated and Internet penetration is continuing to grow at a fast pace abroad, so it makes perfect sense for U.S. merchants to start offering multi-currency as well. It is a great way to expand the customer base and grow international sales,” Skarlen added.

Existing CommerceGate/DHD Media merchants can activate the service by contacting Client Services.

For more information on the new service contact, or visit