Adult Magazine Becomes Phoenix Forum Pride Sponsor

LOS ANGELES Adult magazine announced it would be a pride sponsor at this year’s Phoenix Forum, which begins March 29.

Adult magazine launched its monthly digital offering on March 1 and offers users an interactive experience available only on the iPad (for now).

“Adult has the reading experience of a magazine and the interactivity of the web," editor-in-chief Dominic Ford said.

"Users can swipe through photo galleries, watch movies, take quizzes and answer surveys from within the magazine. They can also read terrific articles and discover the best in gay adult content from columns like ‘My Favorite Flings,’ in which porn stars discuss their favorite scenes, or ‘Fresh Faces,’ that features new models to the industry.”

Ford said one column called Whore Scopes has stood out the most. The Whore Scopes are edgy versions of traditional horoscopes, and not for those easily offended.

“Ask Adult” features similarly snarky commentary, answering gay men’s most pressing problems.

“Advertisers can put photo galleries and videos in their ads," Ford said. "They can also put one-click signups in the ads. These signups can trigger newsletter subscriptions, free trial offers or anything else the advertiser wants to offer the reader. No other magazine (print or digital) offers this level of one-click interactivity.

Advertisers also get access to an advertising dashboard with all of their metrics, and a one-click option to buy additional ad space. The first issue of the magazine has  generated thousands of subscriptions, and a high number of ad clicks.

According to a magazine survey, roughly 89 percent of users say they have paid for porn recently. This statistic, combined with the fact that one must own an iPad to enjoy the magazine translates to dollars for advertisers, Ford said.

“We are catering to an affluent group of gay men who have money to spend.” Eventually, the magazine will be available on other non-iPad platforms as well.

Adult magazine will have four staff members at the Phoenix Forum.

The magazine is also offering discounts for advertisers that sign up during the forum. The magazine is free and can be downloaded at

For more information, contact Dominic Ford at