Mobile Payment Provider DIMOCO Expands to More Countries

LOS ANGELES — Mobile Payment provider DIMOCO has expanded its network of countries.

The company said business customers can now bill their digital content via DIMOCO in the Russian, Finnish, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish and Spanish markets. With this expansion, the mobile transaction hub operated by DIMOCO now includes 19 countries in which the company provides billing via the cellular operator to mobile subscribers.

“Our country expansion now includes, for example, the Russian cellular phone network, which is one of the largest in the world," said Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO CEO. "This will offer our customers some very exciting business opportunities. With this expansion, we now reach an additional 313 million mobile subscribers. We’re well on the way to achieving global coverage with our DIMOCO hub."

DIMOCO operates, develops and markets a mobile payment transaction hub whereby connections to mobile operators are bundled and provided to business customers to bill their digital and virtual content.

The company said that thanks to continuous technological development and the creation of new business models, mobile operator payment has become one of the most popular forms of micro payment billing.

"The advantages lie first and foremost in the huge mobile population, easy operability (simple payment method, no additional registration is required) widespread user acceptance and, as a result, a high conversion rate," the company said.

Companies such as online media, app developers, online dating providers or those in the new business areas (browser games, social networks) and others have come to appreciate the benefits of this fast and simple billing method, the company said.

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