Pornhub Lands on Boxee Set-Top TV Service

SAN FRANCISCO — has become the latest adult addition to TV set-top streaming service Boxee.

The video platform joins Fyre TV, that joined last October as the latest adult app to land on the Boxee system.

According to a TechCrunch report, Pornhub is making its debut ad-free and free to watch, and claims to be the first, official free adult app on Boxee to do so.

This is also Pornhub’s first move in making its content available on TVs, according to Corey Price, vice president of new business development.

But the free content may be available for only a short time while it builds an audience. Price told TechCrunch that Pornhub’s mobile site began free and then incorporated ads. “The money always comes later,” Price said.

Pornhub reportedly has 25 million daily visitors, 100 million page views and 3 billion page views per month.

Despite its impressive web position, Price maintained that the site is seeing a gradual migration away from computer-like devices, including mobile that logs about 60 million views per month.

What’s more, Pornhub on TV can be viewed on any device with a browser.

And Pornhub believes its dedicated Boxee TV app, along with remote control and keyboard, will give users with big screen TVs a more satisfying experience than other standard computer and mobile devices.

Parental controls are also provided.

Price added that the company is looking toward Roku and Google TV as its next stops, as well as building new apps for some of its other brands such as YouPorn.