Inks Deal With Manica Media

BARCELONA, Spain — has partnered with Manica Media to bolster its marketing and affiliate webmaster tools.

The companies said the deal will combine SapphicCash’s content with Manica’s sales resources in an effort to strengthen the SapphicCash online brand.

"Our decision to provide cutting-edge quality from the start has proven to be our greatest strength," said Bailey, owner of

He added, "We started filming in full HD back in 2005 and utilize two cameras, which has become increasingly rare these days. That means the majority of our back-catalog exceeds most modern expectations and gets our potential customers excited enough to quickly become long term recurring clients. The addition of the team at Manica Media to our in-house operations is allowing us to maximize the enormous potential of our brand and content archives."

Recent changes in marketing materials, affiliate campaign support and on-site optimization by Manica Media have resulted in significantly improved ratios and a much better overall revenue stream for SapphicCash, according to the company.

Work on each individual site in the portfolio is also rejuvenating the brand and bringing a new level of excitement to its growing customer base.

"We see SapphicCash content as one of the few archives that can really set itself apart from competitors and free providers," said Erwin de Boer, vice president of online media for Manica Media.

He added, "That's essential to any successful affiliate program in the modern era and we are already working diligently to improve performance. Our team has refined site designs, tested and revamped site pathing, enhanced backend technical aspects of the network and we are providing full support from the sales side of the equation. We are also launching new affiliate program features, tube promotional tools and marketing materials on a daily basis. It's a very exciting time and the results are already exceeding our expectations."

For more information about the new developments visit the website or speak with a sales representative from