CamContacts Announces Valentine's Day Promotion

Bob Johnson

BARCELONA — CamContacts has announced The Sweet Temptation Promotion for Valentine’s Day that gives live cam viewers a chance to win part of a $40,000 pot.

The contest begins on Feb. 15 at midnight with a special chocolate-themed page and Matching Hearts puzzle game that allows users the chance to win $1,000 each time the game is played.

A CamContacts spokeswoman said, “We enjoy hosting our interactive promotions for our viewers and chat hosts alike, as it gives everyone a chance to win prizes and get to know new people in our community."

She added, "Plus, what better ways to find love and new people in one go? You won’t be able to resist the Sweet Temptations. Discover your favorite.”

The special promotion runs through Feb. 19.

CamContacts said an example of last year’s promotion — The Lover’s Masquerade Ball — can be seen here.