EroAdvertising to Launch Invideo Player Ads Module

THE NETHERLANDS — Global adult ad network EroAdvertising has introduced an Invideo Player Ads Module, a new feature the company said will provide an opportunity to advertise using fully automated Invideo ads.

The company said that site owners may customize the look and feel of the Invideo ads by uploading their own, clickable logo as an overlay, choosing a color for the textbox displayed in the footer in a YouTube style, choose a pre and post roll video ads (that work on a CPM basis). The solution can be integrated as a
JW player plugin (currently supporting JW player exclusively).

Advertisers can use text ads as well as to create a difference, more interactivity and interest for their product with their own pre-roll and post-roll video ads.

“As the nature of adult internet turned towards video streaming we’re glad to offer a simple to integrate option that will create an interest for your product with every video view,” said Jan Huibers, CEO of EroAdvertising.

The company said that the introduction of Invideo ads is another step towards a better publisher/advertiser experience at EroAdvertising.

“Constant development of new features is a part of the company’s strategy in the current global economical downturn,” the company said.

“To constantly improve the technological core of its product, adding new features in order to reflect the changing trends on the market and make it as easy as possible for its clients to achieve optimal results.”

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