Vanity by JOPEN Receives XBIZ Luxury Toy Line of the Year Award

LOS ANGELES — Vanity by JOPEN won the Luxury Toy Line of the Year at the XBIZ Awards.

“We are beyond thrilled about this esteemed recognition,” said Susan Colvin, president and CEO of JOPEN.

“As a fairly young company, only two years old, JOPEN has made a huge impact on the market and changed the landscape of luxury adult toy brands. We are proud to set a new standard for luxury pleasure products. Thank you to XBIZ for recognizing Vanity with this prestigious accolade.”

Since Vanity’s introduction to the market, the company said it has grown to a predominant position in the luxury pleasure product arena with rave reviews, strong sales, and outstanding customer feedback.

“People love Vanity,” said Jackie White, vice president of sales for JOPEN.

“This recognition is a testament to why the public adores these amazing pleasure products. Thank you XBIZ for such an honor.”

 Just prior to the awards show, JOPEN announced the release of four new Vanity styles. The new pieces were seen for the first time during the ANME Show and the XBIZ Retail Show.

The company said the new Vr4.5, Vr5.5, Vr6.5, and Vr10.5 have all the important functions people have come to expect from Vanity by JOPEN.

The new pleasure products are rechargeable, waterproof, made of premium silicone and are virtually seamless, according to the company.

To celebrate the new products, JOPEN revamped its website with brighter colors and easier navigation.

In addition to unveiling the new Vanity items, JOPEN participated in the 3-Minute Show Offs at the XBIZ Retail Show.

Intensity by JOPEN was one of the winning presentations, taking third place.

“This is a great way for JOPEN to kick off 2012,” said Al Bloom, director of marketing for JOPEN.