AdXpansion Introduces New Text Ad Units for CPM

MONTREAL — Following the introduction of CPM billing in October, announced today that it has added iframe banners and site pop-unders ad units for the CPM model.

The company said iframe banners offer advertisers greater control over which creatives they serve to surfers, while site pop-unders — currently available in beta —  offer the advantage of exposing surfers directly to the advertiser’s websites.

"With so many of advertisers taking advantage of CPM billing, we are pleased to roll out two new ways to gain maximum exposure while controlling expense," said Nigel Williams, vice-president of AdXpansion.

He added, "Just in time for the holidays, iframes and pop-unders will be available on a select basis to qualified advertisers.”

In addition to the two CPM ad units, the company has also launched their signature in-player text ad units. Similar to the company's in-player banner ads, these text ads appear directly within a video while it is being played.

Publishers will have complete control over the duration, frequency, and rotation of the ads.

In-player text ads are already in action on, and

For more information on AdXpansion's advertising units, visit the website.