CamWorld Relaunching as Free Cam Platform

Lyla Katz

LOS ANGELES — CamWorld CEO Dan Hogue responded to various concerns by performers that CamWorld may have merged with WebCam Club or was sold to DatingGold.

Hogue issued his response on an thread to clear up the confusion and apologized that some performers did not receive the notice that was sent out.

“We have made a choice to take our script down and to relaunch as a free cam platform,” Hogue wrote.

“We have had many issues as some of the performers know with the new script. The problem was in the integration of the new script with the old and how it was intermingled.”

He said that there were several reasons the company decided to use DatingGold as a platform for its programs. Some reasons include the need to take down some programs to force all legacy programs that CamWorld was dependent on to break so we can address them, relaunching PrivateCamz as a free cam service with a premium up-sell and others.

Hogue added the performers release "is not ours but DG's and they have their own and need to as you can imagine for their 2257. We do not control the verbiage of that agreement.

He said DateCamCash will continue to pay out at the same rates as before and performers that were on CamWorld now have that added benefit of DG's additional traffic and member base.

“Sincere apologies to all of the performers who feel left out of the loop we have always done our best to look at our business with your interests in mind many times at the detriment of our bottom line as you are aware,” he said.

“I know that you as performers and affiliates with see a big change in revenue, hits and time on site with the new platform.”

Hogue said that archives and content for performer’s members areas will be addressed shortly and be made available to performer’s members.

“We are not hiding or stealing from anyone and will always do the right thing. I have 12 years in this business and plan on at least another 12 years. Rest assured that everyone will be taken care of. This is a win win for everyone,” Hogue said.

Hogue added that he looks forward to the relaunch of PrivateCamZ and AmamteurCamZ in the near future with an updated format.

“Until then let’s all make some money with the better conversion and more traffic we are getting.”

For any questions, contact Hogue at  or (321) 917-1569.