2000Charge.net Adds Teleingreso to Help Convert Spain

PASADENA, Calif. — Alternative payment processor 2000charge.net has announced the addition of Spanish billing mechanism TeleIngreso.

Teleingreso offers customers the ability to make deposits online without the need for a credit card or bank account. When customers choose Teleingreso as a deposit method, they are redirected to a deposit page where they can apply for a nine digit code number that will be needed to complete the transaction. The depositor then takes the number along with the amount of the deposit to a local Teleingreso point of sale location.

“In an increasingly competitive global online market, the more options merchants give potential customers to pay the, the better,” CEO Wolf Kring said. “By adding Telingreso, they have a better chance of converting Spanish surfers into paying customers.”

More than 3,000 ATM machines, 2,000 post offices and 300 retail outlets in Spain make up the Teleingreso network, the company said.

Those that are using an API or a custom setup for integration are being asked to contact their technical support at tech@2000charge.net to get configured for this unique new option.

For more information, visit 2000charge.net.