PasswordByPhone Closes Its Doors

Rhett Pardon

LONDON — disclosed on its site today that it has closed shop.

"Dear affiliate, due to circumstances beyond our control with international phone carriers and the current market situation, we have closed our doors," a statement reads.

"Our service is at a point where it no longer makes sense to sustain operations of the affiliate program. We thank you for the support over the years. There will be no more payments.

"We apologize sincerely for the lack of notice. Delivering bad news like this is never going to be a happy occasion — or an easy decision. Our recommendation is you immediately pull your links, where appropriate."

The company got its start in 2005, offering a geo-targeted log-in system available in 35 languages across 240 countries. It has been through various incarnations since 1991; the company developed PasswordbyPhone to combat Europeans’ fears of using credit cards.