Elevated X Adult CMS Software Adds SEO Enhancement

Lyla Katz

LOS ANGELES — Elevated X has added SEO file naming to its adult content management system product’s list of features.

The company said site administrators now can further optimize their sites for better search engine rankings by adding a custom “SEO URL” name for each update, model, news entry and more. Once a custom name is entered for a given page, that page is assigned the custom file name with an HTML file extension.

“Since all the text on a site can be edited from inside the CMS admin panel, no coding is required and no web skills are needed to employ some basic search engine optimization strategies,” Elevated X CEO AJ Hall said.

This feature works with Elevated X powered tours, free and limited trial areas and with transparent tours — deep tours that can span from hundreds or thousands of pages which are then indexed by search engines.

“This gives paysite owners a tremendous advantage especially when competing with tubes for search engine traffic,” Hall said.

Starting immediately this feature is standard with all new CMS software installations.

The company said that any existing Elevated X version 3.2 customers who would like this SEO feature will be provided with a new set of default CMS templates that contain the SEO capability free of charge.

For a full list of features, screenshots and a product demo, click here.