Launches Official Membership Site

MONTREAL — Next Door Entertainment has announced the official launch of a new fetish site,

BoundJocks, which specialize in clean-cut jocks doing dirty things, will feature HD scenes, model interviews, live cam shows, and exclusive training videos.

"We offer the hardcore bondage that enthusiasts crave with the clean-cut jocks who typically appeal to a wider all-male audience," director Kristofer said.

"With this mix of jock type models, clean white sets, brightly colored ropes and athletic apparel, we are able to introduce and make what other sites are doing as 'too dark' and 'average models' more palatable for fans to the BDSM community while still keeping our content raw and authentic for the BDSM connoisseurs."

The company said Kristofer draws from more than 25 years of experience working in the fetish industry, as a bondage performer, director and enthusiast.

Together with bondage expert Knotty Brent and the rest of the BJ crew, their goal is to both stimulate and educate the BoundJocks community.

"Everyone on the crew brings their own experience and skills to the table," said Knotty Brent, from BoundJocks' Northern California headquarters.

"From traditional seamanship to Japanese bondage techniques, our jocks squirm through it all … loving every inch of it."

The exclusive training videos, featuring demos from the BJ crew, offer members the chance to learn the same knot techniques as demonstrated on the BoundJock models. is available for promotion within Next Door Buddy Profits' program.

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