Elevated X Announces New CMS Developer Program

Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Adult software company Elevated X announced its new developer program today that will give designers and developers an opportunity to customize templates for the company’s CMS paysite management product.

The company said the initiative benefits designers and CMS customers alike, by giving developers a direct line of communication to Elevated X’s technical staff.

Any legitimate professional designer and coder that wants to learn how to work with its CMS templates is invited to join the program that provides support and training.

Qualified participants will also have access to a development copy of CMS to help learn how to work with the software.

According to co-founder AJ Hall, the company currently refers its customers to four or five different design companies for design and light coding work.

Hall said, “The demand for CMS template coding services is so high that some designers are booked solid just from Elevated X related work alone. It pays to know how to design for our system.”

The company noted that the program's goal is to give its CMS customers more choices when it comes to design services.

For more information please visit the website.