FyreTV Launches Roku Channel

MIAMI — FyreTV announced today the release of the IPTV FyreTV private channel on Roku.

The company said by taking advantage of Over The Top (OTT) delivery, Roku owners can now easily navigate from mainstream apps like Netflix and MLB at Home to an adult movie library featuring titles from more than 100 of the most popular studios in the industry with a few clicks of the remote.

Roku is a stand-alone set top box that allows users to stream video from a wide variety of Internet sources.

“We have officially raised the bar on adult offerings for Roku and IPTV services,” said Josh Stevens, director of marketing.

He added, “Unlike other adult apps with limited libraries and functionality, our Roku channel offers full access to our complete library of over 15,000 movies. In fact, I’d put our channel up against just about any mainstream movie service offered by the Roku.”

Roku owners will need to install the private FyreTV channel by entering the code “fyretv” from their online Roku account.

New FyreTV users will have an exclusive “Wealth and Deception” feature added to their FyreTV streaming library accounts that allows them to immediately watch films on their Roku, computer, tablet or phone.

Current FyreTV members will be able to link their existing accounts to their Roku.