Tube Site Hit With $4.05M Suit

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Private Media Group is continuing its assault on tube sites that allegedly poach their material.

In the most recent claim made this morning, Private, through its Fraserside IP division, filed suit against and its operator, Maciej Madon, as well as 100 John Does and 100 John Doe companies, presumably its advertising clients. The suit was filed at U.S. District Court in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

"Defendant’s website revealed over 27 separate instances of copyright infringement of plaintiff’s copyrighted and trademarked intellectual property," the suit says.

Private said in the $4.05 million suit that Madon's operation "hides its identity behind Contact Privacy Inc." in Toronto. has an Alexa ranking of 5,728 worldwide.

The suit seeks an injunction and monetary relief for alleged violations of copyrights and trademarks.