Peter North's Android App 'The Decorator' Debuts

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Peter North, who has become world famous for his plentiful pop-shots, now has a mobile app that celebrates his legendary loads.

It’s called Peter North’s Decorator and it was developed by Post Dawn for the Android phone.

The Decorator is an app that allows a person to “ejaculate” over saved pictures in their “Gallery” or any pictures taken on the camera. It comes with clever one-liners from North as he “decorates” new victims.

The item description reads: “Have you ever dreamed of being able to cum like porn legend Peter North? You ever wanted to ‘decorate’ the face of hundreds, even thousands of women like the ‘King of Ejaculation’ has done for the last 25 years? Well now you can!”

North introduces the product in a comic video clip on the site, which also has sample screenshots of the app with Sasha Grey.