EroAdvertising Updates Website — Front-end, Back-end

LOS ANGELES — Traffic company has launched an update to its website offering new functions, features and a more intuitive, user-friendly version of the back end.

EroAdvertising said its ultimate goal is to provide a high level of service for publishers and advertisers on a daily basis, to ensure a more user-friendly experience, to manage the adult traffic more easily and monetize it more effectively, and to grow with its users toward the future by means of using the latest technologies.

New graphics and technology have been included in the update, and the site now includes social media plugins and a blog that will be updated twice a month with campaign tips, new features, marketing recommendations and useful news about the industry.

With the roll out, Paxum has been added as a payout method next to the existing Paypal and bank wire payouts.

“We too are joining the social media conversation from time to time, and we hope that you will join us to share your user experience," said a company rep.

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