FSC Elaborates Testing Process for ‘Patient Alpha’

Rhett Pardon

CANOGA PARK, Calif.— The Free Speech Coalition on Wednesday elaborated on the process of testing that took place for the adult performer identified as Patient Alpha.

The FSC, with cooperation from the performer, reconstructed the process of testing Patient Alpha, which resulted in what is now believed to be at least one false positive result and touched off a week-long industry moratorium on content production.

According to reports from the performer, initial tests showed that on Aug. 20 a PCR/NAT test was administered, resulting in “reactive,” an indication of HIV exposure.

The test was followed up with Western Blot and ELISA tests, which both turned up negative.

A secondary PCR/DNA test on Aug. 29, administered by Talent Testing Services, reported “reactive,” and later Western Blot and ELISA tests produced negative results.

On Aug. 31, Patient Alpha is contacted by TTS and told that results of an additional PCR/DNA test on original blood sample is negative

Patient Alpha, on Sept. 3, then tested at Advanced Medical Testing Centers, where PCR/RNA, Western blot and ELISA all turn up negative.

"FSC would like to add that none of the results for tests taken outside of APHSS.org program can be confirmed at this time, except as reported by the patient. Neither UniLabExpress or Talent Testing Services are participants in APHSS.org," the FSC said in a statement.

"Patient Alpha  has signed a medical information release waiver and  APHSS.org medical advisers have requested copies of the raw data of the test results from Talent Testing Services. There has been no response at this time."

The FSC said that PCR/RNA is the only HIV test approved by the FDA for diagnosis of “primary or accute infection,” but also must be confirmed with supplementary tests.

"This is a more recently-developed test than the PCR/DNA, which has become industry standard for monthly testing of performers," the FSC said.

"When test results were returned by Advanced Medical Testing Centers and after consultation with APHSS.org medical advisers, FSC/APHSS.org was satisfied that the moratorium on content production could be lifted on this past Saturday."