Multiple Domain Names Boost Traffic

LOS ANGELES — A new report by domain broker claims that focusing on a single ‘main brand’ domain name is not the best strategy for website traffic building.

While many Internet marketers tend to promote a single website, attempting to build a recognizable brand name; a better strategy for some online entrepreneurs may be to focus on using multiple, short domain names, including “typo-error” domains and acronyms for your company name; to build feeder sites and targeted portals for traffic generation.

“Most Internet business owners are proud of their business name, perhaps too proud,” KetMo President Scott B. Alliy stated. “Being proud of your business name is one thing, but Internet business owners should ask if their chosen domain name is helping or hurting their business.”

Alliy says that Internet business owners should consider the issue from a consumer’s perspective, where most quests for a product or service begin with a search for that item, rather than for a brand name.

For example, someone searching for “gay webcams” may enter such a phrase into Google, but that person is unlikely to enter “Joe’s Gay Cam Shack” into the search box, without a previous knowledge of a site’s name.

“If you are doing business locally, most likely local consumers know you and your company by name,” says Alliy. “But for those companies doing business on the Internet and trying to reach a statewide, national, even global audience, trying to brand your [site] by name may be a big mistake from a profit standpoint.”

Adult operators contemplating a white label website without a keyword-rich domain may want to consider this before committing to such a strategy, as opposed to building a feeder network to send traffic directly to the sponsor.

The report also cites a range of reasons why Internet business owners should consider owning as many keyword-rich domain names as they can afford; including the ability to attract more traffic, increase search ranking, decrease advertising costs, decrease lost business due to incorrectly spelled URLs, increase customer retention and the blocking of your competition from the marketspace.

Domain names also add asset value to a business — whether developed into full websites, or simply used to redirect traffic to a central (or “hub”) website.

In addition to using keyword-rich domain names, Alliy suggests that companies consider acronyms for their company name or products and services that they offer, recommending “four and five letter domain names that are unique, easy to remember and hard for competition to copy.”