Miami Vibes President Indicted on Criminal Charges

MIRAMAR, Fla. — The president of porn studio Miami Vibes Enterprises and an associate have been indicted on conspiracy, human trafficking and drug charges after the pair were alleged to have drugged nine women before sexually assaulting and filming them.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami announced today a 22-count indictment naming Lavont Flanders Jr., the president of Miami Vibes, and Emerson Callum, as defendants who promised fame and fortune to the aspiring models if they travelled to South Florida.

After reading enticements on the Internet, one victim was told she would be the face of a new Bacardi drink and another was told she would get a role in a Paramount film.

But instead of the promises, the women allegedly were plied with booze and Xanax and later were filmed having sex.

According to the indictment, as early as May 2006, Flanders fraudulently posed as a talent scout or rep  on sites such as and He would entice women to travel to South Florida for auditions, and offer them potentially lucrative acting or modeling contracts.

Flanders and Callum worked together at least nine times, with Flanders communicating with the women online and later meeting them, according to the indictment. Flanders used about a dozen aliases in the scheme.

Flanders is accused of giving the women spiked drinks as part of the audition, while Callum is accused of having sex with the women, while Flanders filmed the acts, all of them taped at Miami Vibes Enterprises offices in Miramar, Fla., the indictment said.

The sex tapes ended up being sold over the Internet through Miami Vibes Enterprises.
Flanders and Callum were indicted on Tuesday and picked up by police on Wednesday. The pair have a court appearance on Monday at 10 a.m.