TLA RAW Launches 'Ready Disc' DVD Content Program

PHILADELPHIA — TLA RAW announced today the launch of TLA Ready Disc, a program that allows adult performers and producers to market DVD content directly to a paying audience.

The company said the program is non-exclusive and is open to all adult performers and adult content producers.

Content providers can earn 40 percent of all DVD sales produced from their content with no set-up charges.

Consumers can then purchase manufactured-on-demand DVD copies of the content via the website and direct mail catalog.

“As the market continues to evolve, we wanted to give individuals the chance to profit from the content they already own. For example, an adult performer who owns content that they shot for their membership site can now maximize their return on that investment by working with TLA Ready Disc,” said Brian Sokel, managing director.

He added, “Together with, we can bring those scenes to our DVD buying consumer with no financial risk to the performer.”

More details of the program can be found here.