Report: Smartphones Changing the Mobile Landscape

BALTIMORE — Smartphones have gone from techie tools to mainstream devices that have changed the mobile landscape in a short period of time.

According to Gigaom, mobile advertising company Millennia Media reported that since 2009, smartphones — especially touch screen devices — have transformed the marketplace.

The study said that 60 percent of the devices that receive ads from Millenial have touch screens, nearly doubling the amount since March of 2009, pushing the older feature phones out of the picture.

Smartphones now account for the top 20 handheld devices, compared to only nine in 2009.

Leading the market is the Apple iPhone with 31 percent, followed by Samsung with 15 percent and RIM at 12 percent. In 2009, Samsung held the lead at 22 percent, followed by LG and Apple at 13 and 11 percent respectively.

But the Android operating system takes the top spot over Apple's iOS in Millenial’s ad impressions data.

Millenial's study also said that click-to-call actions have gone from 1 percent in 2009 to 37 percent, and app downloads have risen substantially from 3 percent to 23 percent.