Girlfriends Films, Jiz Lee Support Popular California Girls Charity

LOS ANGELES — Girlfriends Films is making a $1000 donation to a popular girls charity in California, on behalf of adult star Jiz Lee. 

August’s monetary gift is in accordance with the lesbian studio’s monthly charity program.  The charity is a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold.  It offers academic enrichment activities, skill-building programs, and counseling services to girls and their families. The charity is dear to Jiz Lee’s heart and representative of Girlfriends Films’ values. 

Jiz Lee explains her selection: “As an adult performer who runs a monthly charity fundraiser myself (Karma Pervs), I was immediately attracted to Girlfriends Films' generous donation program. So when company owner Dan O'Connell asked if I would be interested in selecting the next organization, I enthusiastically agreed.  I received an international list of top-rated charity organizations, and several stood out. But who to choose?  I paced between nature conservation to legal defense to medical services... and then I saw the California girls charity.  Having had a personal connection with the program, I know first-hand its value and can proudly stand behind my choice.”

“For several summers I worked as a Swimming Instructor in Oakland, where I had the pleasure of teaching young women how to swim through the charity,” continues Lee.  “We held class in the shallow end of the pool, and through patience, fun games and gentle coaxing, their hard-held beliefs of ‘I'm gonna DROWN’ subsided.  We progressed from dunking our heads, to floating, treading water, getting from one end of the pool to the other, and soon they were jumping confidently into the 13’ deep-end.  Swimming became a metaphor for life, and witnessing these young women overcome their fear continues to inspire me to this day.”

“The summer activity was merely one of hundreds of diverse programs offered through the charity, serving to expand girls’ capacity for confident and responsible adulthood, economic independence, and personal fulfillment.  Like our swimming classes, the programs build self-esteem, foster creativity and promote critical thinking skills, inspiring girls to be ‘strong, smart, and bold’.  I think it's particularly important to hold these programs for youth in high-risk, underserved areas.  The charity also impresses me in its sexual health programming.  Information is unbiased, and teens are empowered with resources to take their sexuality into their own hands, without shame.  I think it is one of the best youth programs in the country, and because the donation is going to it, I know it will have a profound impact within my community for hundreds of young women in the Bay Area.”

Girlfriends Films Vice President Moose states, “We are proud to work with Jiz Lee.  Jiz is a truly exceptional person both on and off camera, with innate character traits making her a better performer.  It’s obvious Jiz put a lot of thought into her selection of a charity, finding one dear to her heart and with the ability to make a great impact on her local community.”

Jiz Lee appeared in Juicy Pink Box’s “Taxi: Volume 1” and “Taxi: Volume 2”, distributed by Girlfriends Films.  Fans can expect Jiz in several hit Girlfriends Films series releasing late 2011.

Each month, Girlfriends Films selects an adult performer from received entries and makes a $1000 donation in her name to the specified charity.  2011 donation include Melissa Monet’s choice of Planned Parenthood, Lily Cade’s selection of Lambda Legal, Ryan Keely’s pick of NPR and Trinity St. Clair’s selection of Life 4 Paws.