Google+ to Offer Traffic Building Link

LOS ANGELES — As adult website owners and other digital content marketers embrace Google’s “plus” social rating system, word emerges of a traffic-boosting enhancement.

According to Google software engineer Balaji Srinivasan, who discusses the benefits of Google+ in a recent YouTube video, a new link-based invitation system will ease the process of encouraging others to “plus” a given piece of content.

“We’ve heard that you want to invite your friends, but sometimes you don’t know their email addresses... or sometimes it’s not easy to find it,” Srinivasan wrote. “To address this, we’ll be rolling out a new feature over the next few days that lets you invite others simply by using a link.”

The enhanced “invite friends” button offers a link that can be distributed online, via IM, through email, on the web and more.

The new service is not without its limits, however.

“Since we’re still in field trial, we’re limiting sign-ups from these links to 150 per person for now,” Srinivasan stated, adding, “We hope you’ll like this easy way to bring your friends onto Google+.”

For traffic-hungry website operators, the new linking system may provide a much-needed boost in visitor volumes — especially given the “plus” system’s growing influence on organic search — adding to the good reasons to try it.