Netswipe Turns Surfer's Webcam Into Credit Card Reader

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — A new payment method aiming to heighten security and simplify user experience was introduced today.

Mountain View, Calif.-based startup Jumio unveiled Netswipe, a technology solution that enables website operators to process online and mobile payments by having customers swipe their credit cards using any webcam.

Customers don't have to download any additional software for Netswipe.

Processing digital payments by scanning credit card information isn’t new; last month, rolled out. That company's offering scans credit cards using smartphone cameras.

But Netswipe works for web and mobile, and Jumio intends to enable third-party developers to integrate the technology into their own apps and services.

Jumio says credit cards via Netswipe are not photographed but scanned using videostreaming technology, which enables the company to recognize and verify the card details without storing any data on the client side. Jumio holds patents on its technology.

"Netswipe promises to usher in a new era of disruption that makes online payments easier than ever before," Jumio founder and CEO Daniel Mattes said. “Jumio bridges the gap between the security and trust of credit card payments at the point of sale and the availability and convenience of modern day online transactions.”

A video of how Netswipe works can be seen here.