Survey Reports 46% of Smartphone Buyers Want iPhones

ROCKVILLE, Md. — Apple’s iPhone will be the smartphone of choice for consumers planning to buy a device in the next three months according to a new survey.

A report from ChangeWave Research that polled 4,163 consumers and looked at smartphone market demands said that nearly half of all prospective buyers prefer Apple’s iOS.

ChangeWave's survey focused on the smartphone market in North America, with 89 percent of respondents being from the U.S. and 11 percent outside of America.

The results show a 2 point up tick from a poll done in March.

Google’s Android came in second place with 32 percent, growing by one percentage point from the March figures.

The Apple and Google gains came at the expense of rival Research in Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry offerings that lost one point in its 4 percent share since March, citing the company’s lowest level ever seen in a ChangeWave survey.

RIM enjoyed a high of 32 percent in September of 2008.

Apple’s iPhone popularity is in line with previous ChangeWave polls. Last November, the company reported that 34 percent of non-AT&T smartphone buyers wanted an iPhone when it was exclusive to AT&T.

The iPhone also led in customer satisfaction, with 70 percent of the current owners reporting that they were happy with the device. Nealry 50 percent of Android phone owners also like theire smartphones.

But only 26 percent of RIM OS owners said they were very satisifed, according to the report.

Only 14 percent of Windows Mobile OS users like the system but 57 percent of Windows Phone 7 consumers were very satisfied with their phones. However, ChangeWave said the better rating doesn't indicate any sustained momentum just yet.