XPays Launches RealJasmine.com

LOS ANGELES — XPays has launched RealJasmine.com, featuring the "Jasmine Waltz Sex Video."

The site features "cocktail waitress turned Hollywood mistress" Waltz and her private recordings, and XPays said timing of the launch couldn't be better.  

Waltz has been romantically linked to numerous actors and Hollywood personalities including David Arquette, Ryan Seacrest, Kellan Lutz, Jesse McCartney and Chris Pine, among others.

"Celebrities in Hollywood have dated Jasmine Waltz and now everyone can see what they were getting," XPays said in a release. "TMZ just announced this celebrity news and we expect the news to increase interest in Jasmine just in time to help blast off those sales."

XPays says it also has created a mobile version of the site and members area to help maximize sales.

RealJasmine pays $20 per join, said XPays, which noted that it will work with foreign affiliates to provide alternative billing solutions.