Internet Users Won't Stop File-Sharing, Study Says

Lyla Katz

LONDON — A recent survey by British Internet service provider BE Broadband shows that a majority of Internet users do not plan to stop their file-sharing activities even if the Digital Economy Act becomes law.

The BE Broadband surveyed revealed that more than 94 percent of the several hundred respondents said they do not plan on changing their file-sharing habits despite the Digital Economy Act, which seeks to punish persistent infringers through lawsuits and even possible termination of their Internet connection.

Instead, the respondents said they will take methods to hide their IP address by using VPN and proxy services.

About 4 percent said they would reduce their use of filesharing software and about 1 percent said they would stop using the software altogether.

Digital Economy Act opponents, who include free speech and human rights activists, say it puts thousands of Internet users at risk of being wrongfully accused of illegal filesharing and being disconnected by mistake.