iPads Use 400% More Wi-Fi Data Than Mobile Devices, Study Says

Lyla Katz

SAN FRANCISCO — A new study shows that iPads use 400 percent more Wi-Fi data than the average mobile device on a monthly basis.

The study, conducted by cloud-networking provider Meraki, also showed that between 2010 and 2011, mobile platforms overtook desktop platforms in percentage of Wi-Fi devices.

The findings also show mobile platforms gaining a significant share over desktop platforms. iOS devices have grown from 32 percent to 47 percent and Android skyrocketed from 1 percent to 11 percent.

iOS and Android together now account for 58 percent of Wi-Fi devices, compared to 33 percent one year ago, the study showed. In addition, the iPhone is now the most popular Wi-Fi device, with a 32 percent share.

Meanwhile, desktop platforms are on the decline, with Mac OS X going from 21 percent to 13 percent and Windows shrinking from 42 percent to 23 percent.