Elegant Angel Announces New Feature Film

CHASTWORTH, Calif. — Elegant Angel announced today its second feature in recent years, "Portrait Of A Call Girl."

The film was written and directed by Elegant Angel general manager Graham Travis and stars Jessie Andrews in the lead role.

Elegant Angel said the movie tells the story of a young woman who takes an emotional journey through a series of sexual experiences and “features a vast array of beautiful locations, and a range of intense sexual scenarios.”

The production marks the company's first film shot in 1080p HD on DSLR cameras.

Travis’ crew includes camera operators Mason and Carlos Dee, lighting by Alex Ladd and sound recording by Bruce Carter. Patrick Collins is the executive producer.

The movie will be released in multi-disc sets on both DVD and Blu-ray in August.

Elegant Angel said Andrews has made her mark on the adult industry in her short time in the business with her irrepressible personality and "girl next door" beauty.

"I'm honored that I had the opportunity to play this role. It's been a fun adventure making this movie, with lots of different set ups, and I have given it 110 percent. I really enjoy being around the Elegant crew, and I think we're making something that is different and special. I hope the fans enjoy it," Andrews said.

"This project is something we've talked about at Elegant Angel for many years, but the timing never felt right," Travis said.

He added, "At our core we're a gonzo company and that will always be our focus. But, we also want to experiment with a few more creative productions throughout the year, as we did in 2010 with ‘Pornstar Superheroes.’ What made ‘Portrait Of A Call Girl’ possible was Jessie. She's a very unique and talented performer, and has brought so much to the role. This will be our big summer movie."

More information on the movie will be released in the coming weeks on the Elegant Angel Community Website.