Lenovo Set to Debut 2 Android Tablets This Summer

MORRISVILLE, N.C. — Lenovo is planning to bring two Android tablets to the U.S. market this summer in addition to a new Windows tablet set to debut later this year.

Lenovo’s President and COO Rory Read said that Lenovo would probably launch the first tablet in July with the second in August, DailyTech reports.

Both tablets will have similar features with 10-inch screens and Android Honeycomb, but one tablet will be targeted at consumers while the other at enterprise users. 

The consumer version of the tablet will be called the IdeaPad, while the business version will be ThinkPad branded and will have a stylus to capture signatures.

"We've really been working to tailor the experience [of our tablets],” Read said.

“Some of the early-generation Android devices were a little ahead of their time, and what we're doing here is making sure [our tablets] are strong. We only have one opportunity to make that first good impression."

Read agrees with many analysts who believe that the tablet market will grow significantly in the next few years and will eventually take the place of netbooks.

Prices for the tablets will range between $450 to $900.