AdXpansion Adds Mobile Targeting, New Ads

MONTREAL — AdXpansion announced today that it has added mobile targeting to its network along with a variety of banner and text ads.

The 2011 XBIZ Traffic Service Award nominated company said the new offerings are in response to the growing demand for buying and selling mobile traffic in the adult industry.

AdXpansion released three new ads that specifically cater to mobile sites and applications that are available to all publishers within the AdXpansion network.

Advertisers now have the ability to target mobile devices in general or specific mobile platforms including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android devices.

“Mobile advertising is in high demand and we are committed to providing our advertisers and publishers with the mobile solutions they are looking for," said Nigel Williams, vice president of AdXpansion.

He added, “With our new ad units, publishers can better monetize the mobile version of their websites while advertisers have new ad banners they can use to get exposure and traffic from mobile websites.”

For more information on the offerings publishers are encouraged to contact their account manager directly.