2000Charge Debuts Alternative Payment Smart Button

PASADENA, Calif. — 2000Charge.com has introduced its new alternative payments smart button.

The company said the smart button allows merchants the ability to maximize their global sales and the increased flexibility of accepting a variety of alternative solutions through one simple button.

"It's one line of code and it takes only minutes to add our smart button in a color and style that matches your existing payment page on any website," said Wolf Kring, CEO of 2000Charge.

"The 'Alternative Payments' smart button automatically identifies the client's country and with one click provides the client's local payment options, giving the merchant a touch of local presence. Being able to accept dozens of secure worldwide payment options delivers new revenue from consumers who want to buy from you but are unwilling or unable to use traditional credit cards."

The company said offering potential customers the maximum number of payment options with the greatest amount of simplicity is the key to converting the highest ratio of visitors into buyers.