Marketers Shift SEO Objectives, Study Says

LOS ANGELES — New research indicate that more companies worldwide are increasingly using SEO to drive site traffic.

Last year, according to findings from the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization and Econsultancy, marketers were about equally focused on using SEO to drive traffic and generate leads, but not this year.

Out of the nearly 87 percent of companies that are using SEO, 42 percent turn to SEO to increase website traffic, while only 29 percent use it for lead generation, according to

SEO listings offer a more sustainable traffic flow when compared to paid listings. Also, another study suggests that Internet users are more likely to trust natural listings than paid listings.

This year, 57 percent of companies have most often relied on site traffic to measure SEO success, that’s up from 49 percent in 2010. Another change in SEO objectives is the decrease use in the number of sales/leads as a gauge of SEO effectiveness.