Redbook Magazine Highlights Fleshlight

AUSTIN — Fleshlight is prominently featured in the latest edition of Redbook Magazine in an article focusing on sex during and after a pregnancy.

Fleshlight owner Steve Shubin and his wife offer their perspective on the topic in the article, which is entitled “The Real Deal About Sex After Kids."

“Sex wasn't even an option for us,” Shubin said. “My wife had a high-risk pregnancy, and her obstetrician told us no intercourse for the whole nine months.”

Shubin, a former police officer, told Redbook that the situation inspired the launch of Fleshlight, which has since generated $200 million in sales.

"My wife was supportive," he recalls. "Her only condition was that I get rid of it when she was able to have sex regularly again."

Almost 4 million of the flashlight-like devices have been sold since its debut, the company said.

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