Fujitsu to Bring High-Speed Broadband to Rural U.K

TOKYO — IT service provider Fujitsu is planning to build a high-speed broadband network to reach five million homes in rural parts of the U.K.

The network will bring fiber optic connections of at least 1Gbps to rural areas in England, Scotland and Wales, places where other service providers have deemed too expensive to reach, according to ComputerWeekly.

The company is relying on the majority of funding to come from public funds that the government has allocated to help pay for high-speed broadband in rural area.

Fujitsu said if local authorities can secure the funding, the company will be able to connect the first retail customer to the network in 2012 and reaching five million within the next three to five years.

Existing consumer broadband providers will then supply homes and businesses with broadband using Fujitsu’s infrastructure.