British Software Firm Seeking Nude Programmers

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, England — A local British computer software company is recruiting web coders to work in the nude.

The nudist-run software developer, Nude House, is a division of a larger company, Songbird, founded in 1977 by naturist Chris Taylor that markets a promotional e-commerce application called "Move your Mouse."

The software product reportedly enables customers to display "hot spot" images on their websites that gives product information or links to email addresses when users roll over with their mouse.

A CraigsList ad from Nude House said it is looking for “lots of very attractive, nude young girls — 20-39"  who should be practicing nudists to sell its software and who can code.

The company is also looking for “attractive young, nude men" although no age was listed.

The jobs pay $37,600 a year.

Company spokesman Chris Taylor told The Register, "As far as I am aware this is not only the first U.K. office job for naturists in web-coding or web-selling, but is also the first worldwide facility for naturists to earn substantial sums of money from work that incidentally provides them with the capability to work entirely without clothes.

"Because it is the first establishment in the world it is difficult to advertise — many seem to confuse the issue of being without clothes as being a place without concerns for personal freedom, where sex is paramount in its many varied forms."

The spokesman noted that the nudist jobs aren’t about sex, but on sales and technical ability and customers will never know they’re dealing with naked employees.

A web page for the company states, "New applicants will be required to work in the nude from the time they arrive at work until they leave to go home. Nude means no clothes whatsoever and no shoes either. Each of you — male or female — will behave decorously.”

The response so far has been modest, according to the company, that’s looking to fill up to 17 positions.