Opentracker Releases Traffic Measurement Solution

AMSTERDAM — Web analytics company Opentracker has rolled out a real-time scalable analytics solution designed to deliver cloud-driven high-traffic website audience measurement.

The company said the technology makes it possible to measure and analyze millions of visitors and page views from minute to minute, creating the ability to think and react in real time.

Decisions can be made based on what is happening, while it happens. This new service utilizes cloud-processing models used by Twitter, Google and Amazon.

Some of the companies who may benefit from this service include top-ranked Alexa sites, news outlets, web portals, sports broadcasters, social networking sites, and any sites with high traffic.

"Put bluntly, if editors see what people are looking at, they can deliver it better and faster, said Eddie Moojen, CEO of “Advertising and content can be managed very efficiently.”

The tool is based on technology originally developed by Facebook, and now managed by Apache.

Demand for the technique came from the fact that current analytics providers only support high traffic with data sampling and minimum 24-hour delays, limiting usefulness for real-time decision-making, the company said.

"If your business wants to be faster and more informed than competitors about web traffic, this is a potential game changer," said Utku Can Topcu, lead developer on this new technology. "This feature enables flexible, snap decision-making based on real-time data."

Content and advertising managers can benefit from this development by serving content and managing campaigns based on emerging traffic patterns.