FetishChatLive.com Prepares for Launch

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — David Peskin told XBIZ that FetishChatLive.com is gearing up for its official launch on April 29 by inviting more models to join the unique webcam network.

Peskin, a veteran sales executive who has been involved in the fetish community his entire adult life, is the co-chairman of FCL Cams, which is running FetishChatLive.com in tandem with Naked.com.

Peskin explained that he and his partners saw a “big void” in the fetish webcam market, prompting the creation of the new portal.

“It seems a lot of the big webcam sites are mostly nude models with a few fetish girls or professional mistresses thrown into the mix. We feel that it is really a specific customer who cannot be fooled, and is hungry for fetish talent to be on cam in one place, on one platform,” said Peskin, who is also the national sales manager for Antigua Pictures.

Peskin said that FetishChatLive.com partnered up with Naked.com about a year and a half ago, after Antigua joined forces with Naked.com five years ago to provide a network of models that includes about 12 sub-studios and a stand-alone white-label site called NakedChatLive.com.

Next came the unofficial launch of FetishChatLive.com, which features professional mistresses, online financial doms, BDSM lifestylers and professional fetish talent, Peskin said.

“In addition to being able to communicate with the model and take her private where it could become cam-to-cam if the customer has the web cam, we also have a web-cam clips store which takes models basically five minutes to record a web-cam clip with our software,” Peskin explained.

“We check the quality, we write the description, title it and it’s usually up on the site for sale within two days.”

FetishChatLive.com also recently added a new tip feature that allows its models the opportunity to make money in the free chat area.

“And they have additional revenues from spies that can spy in on a private chat,” Peskin said. “And then we have another feature called Show Mode which is a voyeur show, and also offer an affiliate program.”

“In [Show Mode] a model could be working on the computer and point a web cam at their feet and do a foot-fetish show.”

Peskin said FCL believes it has a uniquely powerful platform.

“Our girls show up in two spots, on Naked.com and FetishChatLive simultaneously,” he said. “So it gives us an opportunity with our Naked.com demo of 18- to 24-year-olds. Many are first learning their sexuality. They’re curious. They click on a goddess or a mistress because they’re curious. And our talent feels that when they’re curious they can be converted,” he continued.

“We feel our platform is basically an opportunity for them to advertise themselves for free and their websites or clip stores while making money at the same time. An estimated over 5.5 million hit the website [Naked.com] every day so the same traffic shows up in two spots. In addition through our affiliate program our models with affiliate codes that have websites are driving traffic directly to FetishChatLive.com. Our FetishChatLive consumer is a specific customer. We have the site locked down so that the customer cannot access the nude side.”

Peskin added, “And we’ve been further customizing as the site grows for FetishChatLive to be more and more fetish friendly.”

The FCL executive team for the past several months has been “quietly testing the waters and building our model base.”

“We’ve been signing up models, having the models learn the interface of the site and its workings and learning how to best maximize the revenues and see how it brings traffic and additional revenues at the same time to all their other spots and businesses on the net,” Peskin said. “We feel we really have a platform that hasn’t been seen in the fetish community online until now.”

Peskin said that on April 29 the site already has 27 models scheduled to be camming at various times throughout the 24-hour period.

FCL currently has 100 models in its rotation and Peskin is seeking to add 100 more before the launch “for them to have a guaranteed spot on our model page, to be with us for the launch and hopefully many more years to come.”

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