Website to Offer ‘Perfect’ Virtual Girlfriend

LOS ANGELES — claims that it will create the perfect cloud girlfriend, one who will tweet and post adoring messages on a user’s Facebook wall and one that the user will never have to deal with in real life.

The company behind the service says the cloud girlfriend is only a virtual presence stored in a cloud, with a virtual personality matching what the user wants. But her profile will be managed by a real human female, according to

“The girlfriend is operated by a real girl,” co-founder David Fuhriman wrote. “It is not a sex chat or pornography service.”

Fuhriman said the application appeals to the busy tech-savvy modern young man and has yet to be launched.

"The right virtual girlfriend can be just like having a real long-distance girlfriend, without the hassles," Fuhriman said.

Fuhriman also said that the service is therapeutic because it fulfills a man's psychological, emotional needs and builds his self-confidence. It can also help them navigate real-life situations, he claims.