Pink Visual Inks DVD Distro, Licensing Deal With Pulse

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pink Visual on Tuesday announced that starting April 4 Pulse Distribution will take over the studio’s DVD distribution and licensing.

Pink Visual exec Kim Kysar said the company made the outsourcing move to facilitate the reallocation of internal resources to other areas, while maintaining a high level of focus on physical DVD distribution.

“We want to continue and accelerate the growth of our mobile and new media divisions, and at the same time continue to support the DVD market in robust fashion,” Kysar said. “We see the relationship with Pulse as perfect means to ensure that our DVD distribution is properly handled while we work internally toward further development of our other revenue streams.

"This move will also enable us to better focus on the marketing needs of our retailers and to help them use our technologies to enhance their customers’ experience and to generate revenue outside of their stores.”

Mark Hamilton, co-owner of Pulse Distribution, said he is “delighted to have Pink Visual come aboard.”

“Pink Visual is a respected market leader in the adult industry,” Hamilton said. “It’s an ideal pairing of great content with a company that knows how to go about delivering that content to a broader audience.”

Kysar said that while Pink Visual generally maintains a “strong in-house bent,” she feels strongly that outsourcing distribution to Pulse is “a move that just makes good sense.”

“We see this as an immensely positive development,” Kysar said. “I’m confident that we’ve put ourselves in very good hands by striking this deal, and we look forward to seeing an increase in DVD distribution as a result.”