XPays Offers Amnesty for ‘Paris Hilton Sex Tape’ Pirates

LOS ANGELES — XPays, which was given the green light this week to obtain the identities of 843 John Does in its copyright infringement lawsuit, is offering amnesty to anyone who wishes to come forward to resolve their case anonymously.

The company said it is offering amnesty because it is mindful of people’s privacy.

Surfers who illegally downloaded the HotelHeiress.com “Paris Hilton Sex Video,” also known as “One Night in Paris,” can resolve the matter for $500.

“XPays is not pursuing this lawsuit with the hopes of embarrassing anyone or causing them any amount of shame,” the company said. “We merely want to protect our content.”

Individuals interested in amnesty can contact XPay’s attorney, Michael Fattorosi, at Michael@fattlegal.com or (818) 881-8500.

“XPays believes this to be a very fair offer and one that is a substantial discount from any that will be offered in the future,” the company said.