TitanMen Adds QR Codes to Boxcovers

SAN FRANCISCO — TitanMen has announced the addition of QR codes to its boxcovers.

Consumers with a smartphone such as an iPhone, Android or Blackberry, can scan the QR code with their phone and will instantly be shown a mobile hardcore trailer for that film.

“Finally we have the ability to give in-store consumers mobile hardcore trailers while they shop,” said Bruce Cam, president of Titan Media.

Consumers can now watch a full trailer in-store before they buy. The first TitanMen title being released with a QR code is “Intuition” on April 5. All new TitanMen and Rough films will feature QR codes on the back boxcover.

“We all know great box covers sell product, but a hardcore trailer makes the sale a slam dunk for the stores,” Cam said.

“Once a consumer has watched a high resolution mobile trailer on their smartphone the conversion to sale almost doubles.”

QR codes are a two-dimensional barcode that when scanned by a smartphone links to a data-rich mobile webpage.

TitanMen QR codes link to a title-specific mobile webpage containing a hardcore trailer and film description. The user can then watch a hardcore trailer on their smartphone right in the store. QR code scanner applications are standard on newer Android phones, with free scanner apps available for Blackberry and the iPhone.

“QR codes are great way to help stores sell our Blu-ray/DVD combo packs,” said Keith Webb, vice president of TitanMen.

“It’s a quick, easy and effective way to provide hardcore trailers directly to consumers while they shop. Stores don’t have to do a thing, we handle everything on our end and supply all the technology need to boost their sales. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a hardcore trailer makes the sale.”

Titan Media will also make available an in-store poster with QR codes for all previously released TitanMen titles on Blu-ray.

For a demo video of a TitanMen QR code click here.

Stores and distributors that would like free TitanMen QR code posters can order them by emailing Wholesale@TitanMedia.com.