Facebook Adds Real-time Analytics for Social Plugins

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Facebook this week has released a new version of Insights for Websites, which gives better analytics on surfer interaction with content and real-time optimization for sites that incorporate the social network's plugin.

Facebook's Alex Hemel said that site developers now can quickly determine the best Like button placement with the analytics.

"For the first time, you can now access real-time analytics to optimize Like buttons across both your site and on Facebook," Hemel wrote in a blog. "We use anonymized data to show you the number of times people saw Like buttons, clicked Like buttons, saw Like stories on Facebook and clicked Like stories to visit your website."

Hemel also said the social network is making accessible new website metrics that take aggregated demographics for the interactions that occur on websites and on Facebook.

"We display demographics for gender, age range, country and language, and we count data on a per-interaction (not per-user) basis," Hemel said. "We’ve also expanded Popular Pages to show you the Top 100 pages that people are liking, commenting on and sharing."

For developers, new website metrics are accessible through the Graph API and the Insights FQL table.