Pink Visual Offering ‘Early Adopter’ Discount for iPad 2 Users

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pink Visual announced today that it is offering a 30 percent iPad 2 "early adopter" discount on its iPad-optimized subscription sites PinkVisualPad and MaleSpectrumPad.

The offer is open to to all visitors who access the sites from devices running the latest versions of Apple’s iOS from March 11-17.

“Our company has a lot of dedicated technophiles on staff, so we can relate to consumers who feel compelled to rush out and purchase the latest and greatest mobile devices,” said Allison Vivas, president of Pink Visual and gay “sister” brand MaleSpectrum.

She added, “We thought it would be nice to reward early adopters of the iPad 2 by giving them a price break on content that will spice up their enjoyment of their newly purchased tablets.”

During the promotion, visitors using iPads to visit will be presented with the special offer automatically through a script that will identify users with devices running iOS 4.3 or 4.21 (the current version of the OS).

The company said that the fact that the device detection criteria serves to expand the pool of discount-eligible users beyond true early adopters of the new iPad 2 is not lost on Pink Visual.

“In addition to lots of iPad 2 purchasing, we anticipate that many consumers will wind up getting their hands on refurbished and/or used iPad 1’s in the days ahead, as well. Either way, we’re happy to see growth in the iPad user-base, and we want to welcome them with open arms and a — healthy serving of Internet porn,” Vivas said.