MyGayCash Launches Reality Site

MONTREAL — The MyGayCash affiliate program announced today the launch of its LostInTheHood reality-based website.

The site offers a new genre of “reality content ” produced by Edward James Productions that the company said is banned for distribution in the U.K. and Canada.

LostInTheHood is described as focusing exclusively on the popular fantasy of sexual humiliation and domination role play in interracial sex. In each scenario a "captor" chooses a bystander who appears to be "lost in the hood." The captors then coerce the bystander into engaging in sex that borders on BDSM.

The new site will be updated weekly and promo content is now available for affiliates at MyGayCash.

Simon Soulières, MyGayCash marketing director said, “This is a very exciting time for both organizations. It really is a perfect fit for us since we want to diversify our list of products. With the new keen interest for reality sites in the gay market, we think that this site will get a lot of attention from the gay surfers.”

“I wanted to shoot this type of content for years and I finally found the right people to do it with.This is unique, unedited reality at its best. With MyGayCash, porn stars such has Thugzilla and the rest of the Thugs on my team, we have done some crazy content and will continue to raise the bar, episode after episode,” said Edward James, CEO of Edward James Productions.

The company also noted that all of its flagship sites are being redesigned to offer more member features and options. In addition, upcoming changes include a new back-end to help manage affiliate and webmaster growth.

New sites and partnerships will also be announced soon.

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